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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced writers, medical researchers and professional translators along with highly qualified medical professionals. We strive to provide innovative services and products for the medical community and the patients they serve.

What we do

We facilitate your medical document requirements from medical manuscripts to presentation posters or brochures for a Hospital Poster Day. If you have research that you need formulated and structured we can accomplish it for you. If you have a medical report that needs translated from Arabic to English or vise-versa we a have top quality translation team who will produce what you need. If you have a special interest in a certain field and want to have brochures, pamphlets or datasheets created, we can create what you need.

Patient and Public Education

Posters and banners.

Reception rooms and waiting rooms provide an excellent venue to build awareness about the treatments you perform. We offer a variety of posters and retractable banners that are designed to educate your patients and stimulate conversations about your premium services.

Booklets & Brochures

Our comprehensive portfolio of patient education materials, illustrated and written in a patient-friendly style, helps introduce your patients to the treatment plans they are facing. The brochures and booklets featured here have been designed to help inform patients and their circles of caregivers.

Professional Services

Scientific Medical Writing

Scientific Medical Writing is constructed in a comprehensive, reliable, skilled and convincing manner. Medical writing is an art of writing about a particular medically related content more efficiently and clearly

Journal submission

Original Manuscripts are one of most common scientific methods in which the researchers are able to share their novel ideas with the general public.

Case Reports & Case Series

A Case Report is defined as the scientific documentation of a single clinical observation and have a time-honored and rich tradition in medicine and scientific publication 

Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis

Systematic Reviews are defined as scientific investigations that attempt to answer focused questions and present pre-planned strategies  

Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews are in great demand in most scientific fields. Their need stems from the ever-increasing output of scientific publications.

Medical Translation

Medical information can often contain highly specialized vocabulary and complex terminology, ensuring its meaning is accurately presented in a foreign language is extremely important